King Kong Stainless Steel

Understanding of Stainless Steel

There are many different types of materials, stainless steel is not completely anti rust but it is one of the strong anti-corrosive steel. Most of the stainless steel is nickel-chromium 304 series’ stainless steel. The quality is fairly stable with shiny surface.

Rusty of Stainless Steel Cases


The most vulnerable of stainless steel is touching with the steam of corrosion that generated by water bleach (chlorine). Besides that, the stainless steel which often affected by the pH from surrounding environment and it will caused rusty.


Normally the water with high iron nature, it will be easily attach and erosion the steel plate.


Stainless steel water tank is not suitable to storage the water with high pH and mineral-rich groundwater.

Poor Ventilation

Stainless steel products are not suitable to install at poor ventilate space and basement.

However, there are many advantages by using stainless steel water tank.

Possesses a high degree protection of rust and corrosion

Wide range of holding capacity (250 litres – 100,000 litres)


Hygienic and odourless

Easy to handling and installing

Resistance to stain

Will not generating and release any chemicals to pollute the water